Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Providing a unique corporate identity

We are equipped to provide you with a fresh logo templates aimed at your target market. We can also design a website to fit into your new or existing corporate identity.

Brand corporate identity design and corporate identity logo design is an essential element for any organization. Our goal is to create a unique and effective corporate identity logo image that will represent your company. A successful corporate identity logo design and corporate identity logo templates will give your firm instant credibility and lasting recognition. At United Software Inc (USI), our experienced graphics designers team provides clients with services tailored to meet their specific needs. All our work is:

  • 100% unique corporate identity logo design - no clip arts.
  • 100% client oriented - 4-5 revisions
  • 100% versatile – ready for web and print application

Our logo design process is the most effective way to create the perfect corporate identity logo design.

Effective corporate identity design creates a favorable impression of a company, brand or product without a word of description by mixing design talent with customer sensitivity. Brand building corporate identities catch the eye with everything from truck graphics to business cards.

It pays to remember your corporate identity is reflected most in materials your customers see or hear everyday - Invoices, statements, shipping vouchers, fax forms, voice mail, business cards.

Getting a new image for the company not only benefits sales, but also customer service, accounting and purchasing.

Our Valuable Clients

Product Development

People Connect: This product creates value for your organization by investing in HR of the future. Streamline your process and optimize your multi-generation resources through easy-to-use, push-button solutions. This transforms the paper to digital in HR ways as single unit which caters the Human capital management, analytics, employee self-service, social connectivity etc... Readmore

Our implementation partners are with the Amazon AWS(E3) for cloud enabled services to provide low cost solutions to the clients from small scale to large scale organizations Readmore